Welcome to one visual form of my brain.
12 drunk girls wearing braids and one dude with a bottle of alcohol yelling. Afterski in SwedeneA man at a fish market scowling. Tourists.
talk @ 2021 Penn Medicine Trauma Symposium
the social self @ WHYY The Pulse
A guy in a his early twenties  in his underwear playing with a cat A group of girls walking to AfterSki in Sweden
A 12 year old boy eating ice creamTwo girls applying makeup in a mirror.
My name is Ca****. Growing up in Wisconsin, I worked on the farm and danced a lot.

Flash forward: two weeks before my graduation from Wharton in 2019 I was hit by a car and suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

In the years following my TBI...
1. I had a surgery to add stegosaurus spikes onto my hips because it was required for acceptance by the women in the love of my life's family. It was a sex change surgery at the Lesbian Hospital. (I've heard this "didn't happen in real life" but in my consciousness, it happened). I relearned how to shower, balance, type, cook, and make bulleted lists in rehab. I began to grieve my old life. I felt like i didn't have a personality. Most of my friends from college were busy. I took it personally. I met a TBI survivor who told me that my recovery is up to me.

2. I read Atomic Habits. I gained weight and felt ugly. I rebuilt executive functioning skills while working part-time as an analyst at SaaS startup. Remotely. With 90% of my coworkers based in other countries. Most minutes of most days were mistake-filled. I tried to negotiate with my ambition. I felt like an alien. I hung out with a lot of homeless people. I acted like a little kid.

3. I moved to New York City. I moved up to Associate Product Manager. I realized I didn't care about business anymore. Just kidding! I never cared about it, I just wanted to obtain status. It wasn't just the pandemic and long distance – my community from undergrad had moved on. I was suicidal. I ate mushrooms. I began to trust myself again. I met new people. I fell in love. I moved to Madison to take pre-med classes.

4. I experienced studentship as a neurospicy learner for the first time. I spent six weeks in Mexico City. I helped organize some neuro-technology deep dive events with patient advocates at Parkython. I said goodbye to my dying stepmother Annette. I loved Organic Chemistry.
An elderly couple reading newspapers in their recliners
A couple on a date Szimpla, BudapestAn elderly couple holding their dogs in the sunlight in northern WisconsinWill flicking a mask, boogers ? flying about
A man asleep on a train.
Since my accident I've become highly skeptical of ego-clinging. However, I realize that you probably came to this website to learn something about me. Below are some identities I've possessed throughout my life.
farm kid
big sister
gifted and talented
going to NYU someday
warm person
art kid
playlist maker
calculus lover
Wharton student
standout intern
world traveler
cool girl
team leader
W h a r t o n    g r a d u a t e

Part-time Product Analyst
[attempting] ego killer
nervous system hacker
free spirit
Associate Product Manager
neuroscience obsessed
psychedelic tripper
Business Dev Associate
UW-Madison post-bacc
going to be ok


A girl laughing over her bowl of ramen noodles.An. elderly man mowing his lawn on a hill facing a lakeside channelA bubushka strolling
you may be wondering which of the preceding images was of me, Ca**** os****.